Electric Bikes join our fleet!

2019 is fully underway with our new additions of Electric Bike Tour options!

We’ve partnered with Salt Lake E-Bikes to give you the same quality of Salt Lake City exploration Bike Tours that we are so highly rated for, all across the web, but now any of our Tour options can be made with E-Bikes! Our E-bike tours lately have been a blast, where we can climb hills to get to new heights we’d never expected before!

Electric bikes are very intuitive to pilot and are so fun to ride. Electric bike tours with us are led by our local guides, and we can see more than ever. E-bike tours are available for $79 and up, for any Bike Tour we offer.

E-Bike crew at the top of City Creek Canyon

E-Bike crew at the top of City Creek Canyon

Germany on a Hike in Salt Lake

Recently, Germany came to represent in SLC and explore, by reaching out to us to go on a hike in Salt Lake City.

Here is a photo of them overlooking the Valley after a decent Hike up through foothills above the University of Utah. 

The whole hike took about 2 hours, and we even did a hotel pickup and dropoff at a nearby grocery store, so they could get food for their upcoming train ride that night! We really appreciate every chance we get to hike around our mountains, so, we send a very big Thank You Alexandra for booking with Salt Lake Hiking Tours!

Taking a Walk in Salt Lake

Like most visitors to Salt Lake City, you may find yourself walking a lot. Walk to the corner store for any goods you may have need of, walking to an excellent restaurant, bar, event, play, opera, concert, and the list goes on. Even walking for the sake of walking.

To take a walk in this town is to be subject to many different layers of history, present at the surface in some places, and buried beneath the rubble in others.

Our Salt Lake Walking Tours are generally only a couple of miles in the greater Downtown area. We can customize a Walking Tour to the likes and needs of each individual group. No spiel, no rigid route to walk the line of, just our local guides showing you the ropes, making suggestions, pointing out relevant places to explore, and giving history of the past. 

Culturally focused Walking Tours, History based walking tours, Architecturally based Walking Tours.... We lead them all.

Any walk can be good, but a guided walk is fun, engaging, and you can learn so much! Take us up on the offer, and follow the link below to see pricing and details:

Salt Lake Walking Tour!

Hiking Tours in SLC, up and running!

We have officially begun offering Hiking Tours of Salt Lake City's mountainous regions just outside the City. A Hiking Tour with us will mean exploring the Foothills of Salt Lake, and gaining a great vantage point after a steady hike uphill, through expanses of native plants, some hearty, some fragile. We have the chance on our Hike to see deer, lizards, snakes, rabbits, and other creatures that inhabit the mountains around our Town.

Check out pricing and details through this link:

Salt Lake Hiking Tour!

See you out there!

Announcing Walking Tours of SLC!

We are very excited to announce that we at Salt Lake Bicycle Tours are now branching out to incorporate Walking Tours into our repertoire of adventures!

Taking a walking tour of Salt Lake City will be informative, no doubt, but fresh and engaging too! Whether you're a local or a first-timer, there is so much to do and see downtown that you really can't go wrong! Only 2 hours, and you'll cover up to anywhere from 1 to 2 miles. Walking tours are guided by locals, informed in architectural history, natural history, city and religious history, and can also tell you the best places for a bite or a drink in the City!

Salt Lake City Walking Tours doesn't have the same ring to it, but we are happy to branch out!

A sweet day for a ride

Recently, I took a number of cool people on a bike tour, where we got to go all the way up to Memory Grove, a sweet spot, just barely outside the downtown Salt Lake City Center; a serene park with a giant creek-fed pool, exotic species of trees, subtle but mysterious stone inlays in the sidewalk, plenty of grass for frisbee games, and it's the entrance to Salt Lake's most convenient'y accessible wild place, City Creek Canyon. 

Chris and Chris, the two jokesters riding their own bikes, had plenty of fun riding with Bao and his partner, and following me around town on a bike ride. Memory Grove is certainly worth climbing to, on your own, if you get the chance. Check out the bike tour pictures.

A favorite for locals too!

Many people have told me that this, Salt Lake Bicycle Tours, would be a fun idea for locals too, but it's hard to hook those locals into going on a bike tour of their own city, and to pay for it.

Well, here was a prime example of proving the first assumption, at least. The Gianchettas joined me for a bike tour of the place they've lived in for over 30 years. Many places they recognized from their youth here in SLC. It was great to go on a ride with those that were already knowledgeable but so very open to hearing new things about a place we all love. Just goes to show you shouldn't assume you know everything about a place, so Come ride bikes in Salt Lake City with us!

Ogdenites on a tandem!

Amen everyone, my first Ogdenites came down to Salt Lake City for a Bike Tour! And best yet, they rode a tandem Bike! Dave and Jana, representing Oakland Raiders gear, came down last Saturday to crush their tandem two-wheeled machine around them mean streets of the old Crossroads of the West for a day.

They planned on taking a Salt Lake Bicycle Tour, and detoured around a while at Liberty Park while they waited for the Tour to begin. Thanks Jana and Dave!

Mothers and sons together

At the beginning of the month of September, my own dear mother visited the great City of Salt Lake. Hailing from the splendid state of Wisconsin, my own birthplace, she tore a hole through Utah while she was here.

Among hiking in the Wasatch mountains, picking apples at a local orchard, and eating good food at Salt Lake's restaurants, one of my most favorite things we got to do together was a Bike tour! We successfully circuited the Big City Loop Tour, 3 hours, with nothing held back, no particular hill un-climbed, just a few little flares added here and there just for my Mom and me. She's a special lady, after all.

Jackie Miska is plenty familiar with Salt Lake, after having raised me here for 15 years of my childhood and adolescent life, before moving back to Wisconsin, but I dare say even she learned some cool new things that day, cruising around town on a bike ride with me.  Thanks Mom for being tough and sticking through it, even though I know your knee gives you pain from time to time.

She came, she saw, she conquered. And she might even say that "if she could do it, anybody can"; but hey, she raised my brother and me, which not nearly anybody could do, So if you're thinking about doing a Salt Lake Bicycle Tour, you better not be some geek off the street ;) You gotta get smart and keep a square head on your shoulders. Just like my Mom, Jackie. How else are you gonna get through life? 



My Mom, Jac kie, and me on a Salt Lake Bicycle Tour

My Mom, Jackie, and me on a Salt Lake Bicycle Tour

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she lovely?

Introducing the Sunset Bike and Brothel Tour

The Sunset Tour is the newest tour we offer here at Salt Lake Bicycle Tours. Officially, it is the Sunset Bike and Brothel Tour. We leave any time between 5:30-6:30 pm and return between 9-10 pm or so. We get the good and empty streets, post-rush-hour, the waning of the light, the long shadows, and bubbly refreshments from a vantage point over the City! We go into more history of Salt Lake's sordid past with prostitution, bike around in the old Red Light Districts of town, and talk about the cosmopolitan nature of the American West, and Salt Lake's specific role in it!

The first folks to come with me for the Sunset Bike and Brothel Tour were on July 7th. A great crew of 5, from Albuquerque, and Denver, respectively, with a PhD student at the University of Utah mixed in there. 

We cruised around town in the early evening, staying in the shade at stoplights, and at the places we visit. They were so kind and ready to have fun. We got to visit a great lookout over the City and admire the Wasatch mountains with something to drink in our hands.

Thanks to Bonnie, Don, Dan, Bruce, and Oscar for making the very first Sunset Tour spectacular!

And Happy Birthday Jeanie!

Wow, 2 birthday party rides in just a few days!

Jeanie Michaelis and her husband Michael came all the way from Kansas just to come on a Salt Lake Bike Tour with me! 

Well ok, maybe that's stretching it, but they certainly did come to Salt Lake City to have a good time! They're out exploring the west because they never have before. That's a spirit I sure can get along with. Just do it because your natural curiosity is still calling you to do so! 

Their daughter Erin sent me an email letting me know it was their Mom's birthday on the day of our ride, so we cooked up a little surprise for her. Candles on the bike to blow out before we started the ride! What sweet daughters they have, and what a sweet time we had on tour!

Happy Birthday Jeanie!

Happy Birthday Jeanie!

Jeanie, Michael, and James

Jeanie, Michael, and James

Happy Birthday Sara!

Hey, you know what sounds like a fun idea for a birthday? Riding bikes with all of your friends!

That's exactly what Sara Marple did for her magnanimous 18th year on this earth! She and her friends and her enthusiastic mom Giuliana all came with me on a bike tour around SLC, giving all of them the lay of the land. They're from up in Farmington, and the younger ones were all recent high school graduates. This leads me to believe, that before you know it, we'll have some transplants down to our fair city of Salt Lake. We even found Rocky Anderson wandering across Library Square, and roped him in for a pic!

All photos courtesy of Giuliana Marple. Thanks everyone!

James on far right, with the crew, Sara with both thumbs up in the purple helmet!

James on far right, with the crew, Sara with both thumbs up in the purple helmet!

@LibrarySquare with Rocky Anderson there in the middle of things

@LibrarySquare with Rocky Anderson there in the middle of things

Giuliana, loving mom, up front.

Giuliana, loving mom, up front.

Calling all 4 corners of the nation!

Bring on the Northeast. Everybody, meet Linda, New Yorker to the core.

Linda poses next to @nd & 2nd, the hot spot for Gallery Stroll in SLC

Linda poses next to @nd & 2nd, the hot spot for Gallery Stroll in SLC

In town on business, Linda is a no-nonsense, active, engaging conversationist, and I would like to believe she had a pretty darn good time rolling around town with me the other day on a bike ride, the Big City Loop Tour. I feel like I learned more from her, to be honest! You were a pleasure to ride around with, and I'm glad we spilled over the time limit. You know what they say, Bike rides when you're havin' fun!

South Beach Represents

A big congratulations to my recent bike-riders, Harley and Dawn. They came, saw, conquered. Harley just graduated from an online University based in Salt Lake, and came out to receive his degree! Way to go!

While visiting, they discovered how fantastic Salt Lake can be, and tore through Salt Lake City's mean streets with me as their tour guide. Many leagues from the impossibly flat coast of South Florida, they still seemed right at home on a bike ride in mostly flat area of downtown Salt Lake.


Dawn and Harley gettin' down with the Sphinx

Dawn and Harley gettin' down with the Sphinx

Cracking jokes and not shying away from anything I threw their way, these folks were a great time, in and of themselves. Right on Dawn for hustlin' on that bike like it was your day-job! Thanks you two!

Out with VisitSaltLake.com!

Recently, on a sunny July 1st morning, I took 8 different staff members from VisitSaltLake.com out on a Bike Tour! This is the official name for the Salt Lake City Tourism Bureau. As you may imagine, I was a little nervous. I mean, how was I supposed to give an entertaining guided historic tour to the very people who are supposed to already know everything about Salt Lake?!

James Miska giving a safety talk. The whole crew at the Old Red Light District of Salt Lake. Photo credit Elke Opsahl         VisitSaltLake.com

James Miska giving a safety talk. The whole crew at the Old Red Light District of Salt Lake. Photo credit Elke Opsahl         VisitSaltLake.com

My fears were unfounded though, as the group I took out ended up being a fantastic group of people, ready to have fun. Elke, Teri, Toni, Shawn, Eric, Michael, Jess, and Alyssa must have been pretty happy. Not only were their smiles indicative of them having a good time, but after all, they were getting paid to come on the tour! Who wouldn't be thrilled to get some sunshine on the clock?

Photo Credit Elke Opsahl

Photo Credit Elke Opsahl

Thank you to all of you for such a great time. VisitSaltLake.com is the place to go on the web if you're planning a trip to SLC, and if you're looking to explore and have fun, they might just point you right back to me for a Bike Tour!

Coming downhill with the Cathedral of the Madeleine in the background.

Coming downhill with the Cathedral of the Madeleine in the background.

"Too old" simply does not apply

My rides are meant to be friendly to all levels of bike-riders. This road's too steep? Let's go a different way! We'll get around town on our own time, making it fun for everyone involved. 

Susan and John booked with Salt Lake Bicycle Tours after searching me out extensively. A standard google search for Salt Lake Bicycle Tours, and they looked hard. They knew exactly what they wanted to do: Take a guided tour around the City, and they found it here. They had taken bike tours elsewhere, in San Francisco, Boston, etc. and it was time they tried out our City.

They were so easy-going, and fun to ride with. John, the history teacher and the Bob Dylan fan, got to see where the folk-legend first performed in SLC, at the old Zephyr Club, and Susan got to peruse the Gardens at Gilgal for some excellent flowers. They walked away happy, and I'm sure glad they found me!

New Jersey comes to town in a big way

Paulette emailed me to make sure there weren't any hills on my tour. I said there was a slight grade to some of the roads we ride on, but "Rest assured, we'll get through them together."

She and Norris showed up from New Jersey for some good morning exercise with me. Just a 1-hour Small Lake City Tour. They were total rockstars on the bikes too. They may not have thought they could do it, but we were brave, conquered the streets, one by one, and made it back with smiles on our faces. Thank you so much to both of you for coming on a Salt Lake Bike Tour!