Our Big City Loop tour provides the rider with a refreshing way to experience this up-and-coming city. You'll get the history, the insider knowledge, a sense of what it's like to live in today's Salt Lake, and you may even get your feet wet.

The elegance of life in the city, set against the rugged, mountainous backdrop of the Wasatch Mountain Range. It tends to cultivate an active lifestyle; whether your activity is social or sporty.

Farmer's markets, bike lanes, nightlife, great food, and at least two lifetimes worth of recreation in the vertical feet that overlook the town.

Witness the growth of this unique city's environmentally-minded attitude. And be a part of it by riding a bike!


Take a spin on our big comfy bicycles around this booming lil' metropolis. Stand in the very impact points of its history, explore its architectural gems, trod in the presence of the peaceful, the eloquent, and the bizarre.

Our knowledgable, locally-based guides will lead you through the streets, safely and confidently. 



Guests – 190,000+ (metro area - 1.14 millions)

Design –  10-acre parcels make up each city block, and streets wide enough to effortlessly make a U-turn with a horse-and-buggy

 Elevation – 4226 ft. (1288 m)

Sq. area – 110.4 sq mi (285.9 km)

Bike lanes - 53 miles (85 km)

Port – none


BikingHiking, Climbing, Sailing, Swimming, Art, Picnicking, Shopping, Fishing, but Not in the Great Salt Lake unless you count brine shrimp as fish


Dependable Public Transit (link)
Community Radio Station (link)
Free Local Community Paper (link)

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