Bike Tours Meetup Location

Street Address (approximate):

685 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT

We meet INSIDE the Park, on the Belmont Loop Road, near a large covered pavilion.


We begin our Salt Lake Bicycle Tours in the Northeast corner of Liberty Park, located in the heart of the City. Email is the best way to contact us, by way of

Or you can call us up at +1 (801) 574-6242

Getting here...

If you're in a vehicle:

The street address is approximate, at 685 E. 900 S. and we will be inside the park, not streetside. Parking should be available in the park itself. There is a motor-vehicle entrance on 900 South @ 600 East, and another entrance on 1300 South @ 600 East. Either one will do, and you will be able to park in your chosen spot for the duration of the tour. As you will see on the map of the park, there is a loop, around the park, called Belmont Loop. You can park anywhere on Belmont Loop, then just find your way to the Northeast corner, near a large pavilion, and look for the cruiser bikes!

On public transit / on foot:

Trax                              You can take the Trax lightrail system (click to view the timetable schedule), within walking distance of Liberty Park. From downtown, take the Red-University line, running toward the "Medical Center", get off at "Trolley" Station, and walk south, along 600 East, for 5 blocks. You will arrive at the North-center entrance to Liberty Park. Take a left, and walk 1 block to the Northeast corner of the Park and look for the bikes near a large pavilion!

Bus:                               (View the Bus schedule here, and the Bus map here) You can take the Bus #205 from downtown, running along 200 South, and it turns along 500 East. Get off at 900 South (ask the busdriver to tell you when you're approaching the stop). Get out and walk east (along the northern edge of the Park), for 2 blocks, to the Northeast corner of the Park, and look for the bikes near a large pavilion!