One of our local, and experienced, Salt Lake City guides can step onto your bus, and with them, you will be in good hands. Our guides can make any day spent exploring in Salt Lake a very memorable one.

By arranging your own bus or vehicle, your options in touring are unlimited! With our guide, you can embark upon a journey that will lead you to unique and exciting spots, such as we would on our Bike Tours or Walking Tours. But, with a vehicle, we can also reach hitherto unexplored heights, and you can choose which areas you want to see! That means we can not only visit Temple Square, the SLC Main Library, and historic sites of old Red Light Districts, but also reach our explorative fingers all the way to the Great Salt Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon (or any of the other 6 major canyons), Park City, or the Bonneville Salt Flats

Your choices are limited only by your available hours in the day.