"Too old" simply does not apply

My rides are meant to be friendly to all levels of bike-riders. This road's too steep? Let's go a different way! We'll get around town on our own time, making it fun for everyone involved. 

Susan and John booked with Salt Lake Bicycle Tours after searching me out extensively. A standard google search for Salt Lake Bicycle Tours, and they looked hard. They knew exactly what they wanted to do: Take a guided tour around the City, and they found it here. They had taken bike tours elsewhere, in San Francisco, Boston, etc. and it was time they tried out our City.

They were so easy-going, and fun to ride with. John, the history teacher and the Bob Dylan fan, got to see where the folk-legend first performed in SLC, at the old Zephyr Club, and Susan got to peruse the Gardens at Gilgal for some excellent flowers. They walked away happy, and I'm sure glad they found me!