Taking a Walk in Salt Lake

Like most visitors to Salt Lake City, you may find yourself walking a lot. Walk to the corner store for any goods you may have need of, walking to an excellent restaurant, bar, event, play, opera, concert, and the list goes on. Even walking for the sake of walking.

To take a walk in this town is to be subject to many different layers of history, present at the surface in some places, and buried beneath the rubble in others.

Our Salt Lake Walking Tours are generally only a couple of miles in the greater Downtown area. We can customize a Walking Tour to the likes and needs of each individual group. No spiel, no rigid route to walk the line of, just our local guides showing you the ropes, making suggestions, pointing out relevant places to explore, and giving history of the past. 

Culturally focused Walking Tours, History based walking tours, Architecturally based Walking Tours.... We lead them all.

Any walk can be good, but a guided walk is fun, engaging, and you can learn so much! Take us up on the offer, and follow the link below to see pricing and details:

Salt Lake Walking Tour!