A team of experts.

Photo Credit: James Mis ka

Photo Credit: James Miska

James Miska, Skipper

Founder of Salt Lake Bicycle Tours and tour-guide. When James isn't wooing crowds with his silky voice and a stringed instrument, he is likely riding his bike. Years of experience as a bicycling tour-guide adorn this man, in the wilds of Alaska, and also on the road, on long-distance bicycle rides throughout the U.S.

Photo Credit:  15 Bytes

Photo Credit:15 Bytes

Eric Rich, Tour Guide

Eric has strong legs, and it shows. For many years, he has towed a full size piano behind his bike like a 400-pound child in a wheeled basket, portably displaying his ivory-tickling skills wherever crowds gather. He has been a guide in many forms, including on bicycles in the city, and is a constant ambassador to the power of, and on, two wheels. 

hoto Credit: Spencer Davis

hoto Credit: Spencer Davis

Ricky Cheney, Tour Guide

Ricky is a do-gooder to the core. An experienced world-traveler and bicycling enthusiast, his infectiously positive attitude will all but do the bicycling for you. Fresh from leading bicycle tours in the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina, this Salt Lake native is a first rate human being, and we're glad to have him aboard.